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It’s been forever since the last update, mainly because between work and family life I get a lot less time to build pedals. I do still build the odd utility pedal now and then, but the exciting stuff, the development of new pedals, is simply too time consuming for me to dig too deeply into. The concepts and ideas of new pedals still excites me greatly, but the reality is that digitally I can create the sounds in my head a lot easier and a lot cheaper than trying to design and build a new pedal.

I still play guitar when I can, and on the second of December the band I play guitar for, ThisFire, released our second EP – Demons. We haven’t been as active in recent months mainly because we aren’t all based in and around Minehead anymore, but we still write and gig as much as possible.We were super excited heading into the studio to record this one because four of the five songs that made it onto the EP were still very fresh having only been gigged a few times.

ThisFire – Martyn Terrell, Ben Pollard, Matt Reynolds and Jon Timney on Minehead Beach, Somerset

With this record we were determined to capture the live energy that often seems so hard to transfer onto a recording, and decided the only way to go about it was to record the EP as live as possible, which meant all of us being in the same room. The technical difficulties this brings must have been considerable, but luckily we found the right man and studio for the job. Joseph Buckler from Yak Music Studios in Wellington, Somerset, did an amazing job of accommodating our desire to record live while keeping excellent separation between the instruments. In the final recordings most of the guitar tracks and all of the vocals overdubbed, but the drums and bass are live in their entirety. Demons took two seven hour days to record, and many hours of patient mixing and mastering on Josephs part, but the result is well beyond what we dared imagine was possible in search short time and a small budget.

A massive shout must also go to graphic designer and long-term friend of ThisFire, Tim Logg, who did an incredible job with the artwork for Demons. I’ve always loved simple, bold album covers and band logos, and taking that into account Tim nailed it!

ThisFire – Demons, cover design by Tim Logg

We released a video to accompany the first song that we released from Demons, Wrong Things, compiled from footage filmed in the studio, but there’s a few live clips in there for good measure too!

Demons is available now from our Bandcamp page, and is currently streaming on soundcloud. It is also available to purchase or stream on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Deezer. 

To keep up to date with ThisFire releases and gigs check our ReverbNation page or the ThisFire Facebook page.


Although I haven’t been building many pedals lately I have been pretty busy with other music related stuff!

I recorded a 10 track demo with my band ‘This Fire’ on Sunday at Bulrush Studios in Minehead. It is a very rough demo, a lot of the songs were done in one take, but it was done to give us an idea of what needs changing before we record a 3 or 4 track EP either later this year or early 2013.  There are a fair few mistakes on some of the songs by all of us, but it serves it’s purpose very well. Which songs we will include on the EP is anyones guess, I would have thought both ‘Early Morning Rain’ and ‘Love And Poison’ will be included though.

You can check it out here:, or download it directly from:

Guitars used were a Dean acoustic through a Trace Elliot keyboard amp, PRS Custom 22 through a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 36, the phaser on ‘Freak Of Nature’ is an EHX Small Stone Nano although you can’t hear it very well on this recording. Most the clean electic parts have a Malekko 616 on them, and I used a cheapo Joyo Dynamic Compressor which was always on. Jon is playing a pearl drum kit he’s had since he was 18 but recently painted luminous green! Most of the kit was miked up individually but overhead mics to capture the cymbals. Matt is playing an Epiphone Thunderbird Pro IV  bass directly into the desk via a DI box – he had a bass amp in the studio with us but I can’t remember what it was. Shure SM58’s were used for both vocals and for miking both guitar amps, slightly off-center.