Unfortunately due to other commitments I am not currently building or taking orders for pedals. Please accept my apologies. Ben

  1. Govert says:

    Dear Ben,

    Sorry to hear you stopped producing pedals. There quite unique and different from anything else on the market. I myself are not much of an electrician and maybe you could give me some tips on how to proceed on some things.

    I’ll try to explain. I want a volume control in my effects loop without having to run cables from the front of the stage back to my amp. There are solutions by prostage and soundsculpture whom provide remote controlled volume cases but there are somewhat expensive and I need something simpler.

    Is it possible to make the 0xd FX Barefoot (LDR Volume Pedal) without the on/off switch, without the kill/revive switch and with an enclosed LDR (optocoupler). On itself the pedal would do nothing but plug a wah wah rocker pedal in there that brightens or dims the LED and the effect would turn into a remote volume pedal. This way the pedal wouldn’t even need a power source.

    Now I’ve a couple of follow-up questions.
    1. How much of the high end of the frequency will be lost?
    2. Does this also occur during the LED is dark?
    3. Can this be prevented?
    4. Is it possible to make a knob to set the minimum volume drop?

    5. Can you take any giving pedal and replace the potentiometer with these optocouplers?
    I have a Cry Baby and if I disconnect the pot and replace it with an optocoupler does it still work? This way I can make this pedal also remotely operated.

    My next step then is to make a volume pedal/wah wah in one rocker. I only thing what I would have to make is the switch to operate the audio loop (wah wah on/off).

    Thank you very much in advance if you could help me with this. I’ll hope you could find the time again for the 0xd FX pedals.

    Best regards,


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