One Offs

This page is for all those forgotten pedals that have been one offs that might not otherwise get a mention!

Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36 Channel switch/kill switch/buffer/bypass looper

This is a rather complicated footswitch I built for my Tubemeister 36 head, which switches all the amps features plus 2 external FX loops, allowing me to simply have a clean and a dirty sound that I can alternate between with 1 stomp. Also includes a momentary soft touch killswitch and built-in 072 buffer. Pain in the ass to build, make no mistake!




This is a opamp based clean boost pedal I designed. Would love to produce a decent sized batch of these as I think mine sounds great, tends to be always on.


The Thing That Ate James…

A passive and active A/B pedal I built for a friend. Also features a LDR eye for volume control (well, messing about with really). The toggle at the bottom left changes between active and passive modes, the middle left toggle engages the LDR. In active mode the level has a gain of up to x5. As far as I’m concerned this destroys the over priced active A/B pedals on the market, and has all the benefits of a passive one. I’m super proud of this pedal!

072 (original)

A decent no-nonense buffer, if your chain is good you shouldn’t be able to notice this, if your chains bad it sounds like magic. This is a sprayed prototype version with waterslip decal, and a very obvious spelling mistake!




Divide By Zero

A blendable feedback loop that can also be used as a blendable true bypass looper. ‘Entropy’ controls the amount of signal being fed back to the send jack, and ‘Fusion’ controls the blend from dry to wet.

Solar Lifeforce (prototype)

An LDR volume, expression pedal. ‘Solar Range’ adjusts the difference between light and shaded. ‘Core Temp’ is the output volume which can be upto x5, but is used to compensate poor lighting conditions. Not the most useful pedal in the world, but a good bit of fun, and something different from the norm.

Volume War

One of the original 3 pedals I built, just a simple passive volume control to allow you to set a reduced rhythm distortion, to give the impression that solos are boosted. Bi-colour red/blue LED to indicate mode. I have since added a DPDT toggle that sets the bottom limit, giving you finer control for subtle changes if that’s what is needed. I nearly built in an optional buffer instead as it behaves as it should in my FX loop then, but my amps FX is so shockingly bad I didn’t bother, and settled on the fine tune control.


The original idea for the Solar Lifeforce. Features an additional “Revive” mode

Barefoot EXP

A version of the Barefoot just for expression and CV inputs

“The Leech” (Bomb Idea prototype)

I was proud of the artwork, so I reused it on The Thing That Ate James

Morse Device prototype

This is the first pedal I built, and was a protoype for the Morse Device I currently make. Notice how it has artwork on the sides – on one end it had the entire alphabet in morse code so the labelling could be decoded!

  1. Niall says:

    Hey would it be possible to build a simple channel switch footswitch for Tubemeister 36 head. Similar to FS-2 but btn1=clean channel btn2=crunch btn3=lead. I just have reverb on / fx insert on and manually use power soak just want a cheap easy channel switcher.

    • 0xdfx says:

      Hey Niall, I’m afraid not.

      If you were clever you could probably do it with some relays, momentary switches and a simple logic circuit, or with a microprocessor type solution, but not just with standard footswitches alone.

      It’s a real pain when you gig, because when you are on clean it’s sometimes hard to tell what the dirty stomp will do – crunch or lead, and in the heat of the moment you don’t want to be worrying about that!

      I don’t gig the Tubemeister any more, when I did I ended up using mainly midi based solutions, and this worked quite well and was reasonably cheap, but they tend to be bulky.

      If you are in the UK I would shoot James at Bright Onion Pedals a message, he builds some great solutions for stuff like this, and might be able to do some clever guts to get what you want, or if not his dual footswitches are well built and very reasonably priced and don’t require a battery like the fs-2.

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