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Divide By Zero Blurb

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Divide By Zero, FX
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As I’ve decided the Divide By Zero is just a one off, here’s some blub about it…

Divide By Zero is a feedback looper capable of all degrees of nastiness, thanks to the fact that is completely blendable with the original guitar signal. By putting a pedal or 2 in between the send and return jacks you are creating a direct path from the loops output to the loops input which creates what is known as a feedback loop.

Feedback loops can be pretty nasty things, and the kind of feedback you get depends on which pedals you have in your loop. Distortions, overdrives and fuzzes tend to squeal and wail. Modulation effects are where the real magic tends to happen, with drones, buzzes and oscillating shrieks all emerging from the loop. And unlike most feedback loopers on the market this is completely blendable with your original signal, so you can use this assorted noise as a textured backdrop to whatever you are playing. You have direct control as to how much of the signal gets fed back to the loop via the ‘Entropy’ control. ‘Fusion’ is the blend, all the way anticlockwise leaves you with a completely dry signal, all the way clockwise will leave you with the feedback signal only, and at noon you will have a 50% mix of both.

The ‘Entropy On/Off’ toggle switch on the side can be used to remove the feedback loop, leaving you with a blendable looper, restoring the pedals in its loop to their normal function.

Divide By Zero is made with quality components and is, of course, true bypass, while the input, send, return and output are all fully buffered.

Unlike some passive feedback loopers the Divide By Zero relies on the pedals in the loop to generate their own feedback – none of the guitars signal is fed to the loop while ‘Entropy’ mode is engaged. This means that some pedals such as delays may not behave as you would expect in some other feedback loopers.

In case you’re wondering about the logo… No – I didn’t type it by hand! It is generated with an ASCII art program I wrote that takes a picture and converts it to an ASCII representation, well my interpretation of an ASCII interpretation anyway!

For a more impressive piece of ASCII art, check out my ASCII version of the statue of liberty, if you save it and zoom in you’ll see how it is constructed!

Here’s some demo’s of the Divide By Zero in action:


Divide By Zero finished!

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Divide By Zero, FX
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So here’s the Divide By Zero all done. Been a long running project from the original Endless Cosmos design last November, but here it is!

Quick update, enclosures nearly finished for the next 3 pedals, populating next week…

Development on the Endless Cosmos has gone pretty quiet over the last few months, but I think I have finalised the circuit today, I’ll bread board it over the weekend and hopefully have this little bad boy up and running over the next few weeks! I have renamed it Divide By Zero from Endless Cosmos, which I think suits it pretty well. The skull graphic has come from a little bitmap to ASCII image converter I made about a year a go. I think it looks pretty neat. Paint for this one is black sides, black base and white top, with black knobs maybe a purple or blue LED, who knows! Going to use Malekko style knobs. The ‘Fusion’ (wet/dry mix) feature is going to range from 100% dry/0% wet, to 0% dry / 100% wet. Entropy is basically the amount of the signal being sent back from the return to send jacks, and is switchable by the Entropy On/Off toggle, allowing the pedal to be used as a true bypass looper with blend as well as a blendable feedback looper. This features buffered input, send and return and an op-amp based blend circuit.

The font is pretty hard to read I know, but I like the look of it, and to be honest how often do you ever read the text on your pedals?!

So here is the revised artwork for the Endless Cosmos. It is pretty simple compared to the old one, and I’m pretty happy with it. The old overlay was really structured and that didn’t go with the space theme at all, so for this one everything appears fairly unstructured. I can’t wait to get this pedal going, it sounded amazing with a Malekko Phase in the loop!

I’m waiting on a load of enclosures, but I should have one for the first Bomb Idea order and one for this pedal arriving special order tomorrow, so then it is game on!

Here’s the artwork for the Endless Cosmos. I just have to make sure all the components will squeeze into the positions I have allocated and it is time to build! This is going to be a snazzy looking enclosure, with a purple gradient similar to “The Leech” and then glitter coated!

I’m waiting on some bits to arrive, and then I’m going to make a start on a batch of 4 Bomb Ideas. One is sold, I’m keeping one so there are 2 remaining. To preorder one of the first batch check out the Order page, or email me at

Feedback Loop

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Divide By Zero, FX
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So, I have been interested in feedback loops for a while. Anyone who has seen a Devi Ever Eye of God/Truly Beautiful Disaster will know how excellent they can be, and can create some truly horrific drones and squeals. For those who don’t know a feedback loop is a device that takes an input signal, and keeps feeding it through an external device (often a guitar pedal) and then outputs the signal to what ever is next in your signal chain.  These are exactly the kind of device that can truly piss off your parents. Different pedals placed in the feedback loop can create vastly different effects some none at all. I think I am right in saying that it was Death By Audio who first put this concept into a pedal aimed at guitarists, but I may be wrong.

Anyway, I plan on starting work on a feedback pedal soon, that will be something of a monster. It is defiantly going to have a CV input so that the feedback can be controlled from any control voltage device (such as an expression pedal). It is going to be able to blend the dry (input signal) with the wet (feed backed signal) so that the intensity of the effect is directly controllable. It will have an input volume for the feedback loop, so that the initial volume of the signal hitting the pedal can be pushed or cut which will affect the overall intensity of the feedback. It is going to have a bendable output so that the amount of wet and dry signal can be set to taste. The CV will also be able to control the wet/dry blend.  It is going to have a toggle-able ‘excite’ mode that will do crazy things to the signal every time it is passed back into the looped pedal. It will feature dual outputs, so either a mixed mono output is available, or a split stereo output where the dry signal is sent to the L channel and the wet signal is sent to the R. It may also feature an onboard loop so that no external pedal is required, which at this point I imagine is going to be some kind of fuzz or gain  circuit, but this may change depending on results. The feedback will also be able to be disengaged allowing you to use the pedal as a blend-able looper.

Basically the plan is to create an ultra versatile feedback looper that can provide an undercurrent of evil that you have direct control over its prominence in your sound. Imagine subtle drones adding texture to your sound, to an all out all of sound, all controllable with an expression pedal. I’m planning on squeezing this in a Hammond 1590B (MXR sized) enclosure.  I’m going to need a shoe horn, but I don’t see why it isn’t possible at this stage with a bit of careful planning. At the most I will have to upscale to a WMD Geiger Counter sized enclosure, but not as big as say a EHX Metal Muff.

Either way this is going to be the daddy, and is going to expand on ideas already pioneered but not fully realised by several fx companies.