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I dug out the Barefoot EXP LDR expression pedal I built sometime ago now from underneath the stairs to test some features on the Nova System. My Zoom FP02 has a 250k log pot inside it, which just doesn’t sit well with the Nova. Due to the Nova being able to be calibrated to the expression pedal the Barefoot suddenly becomes very useable even in below average light conditions. Here’s a demo of the Novas whammy, set to 2 octaves up.

And before you ask, the dog is called Bruce, he is a 9 month old boxer, and he appears to like guitar FX!


Barefoot EXP Video

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Barefoot, FX
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Here’s a video of the Barefoot EXP controlling a WMD Geiger Counters CV input

Barefoot (LDR Volume Pedal) Video

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Barefoot, FX
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Here’s a brief demo of the Barefoot LDR volume pedal. Kill mode doesn’t come across in the video as well as Revive mode does, but hey

Barefoot and Barefoot EXP Finished!

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Barefoot, FX
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Here’s some pics of both Barefoot pedals, up and running! The LED on the big one is red, and looks like the laser pin point (I drew a laser coming out of the telescopic sight on Kaede’s gun…) videos after xmas.

For some reason on both pedals in the photo the overlay around the eye hole looks shocking, but it really looks OK in reality. In hindsight I would get a bigger hole punch if I was going to ever produce more of these though. On the EXP version (above) I slightly countersunk the hole which is what makes it look so haggared around te edges.

As well as the standard barefoot volume control pedal I have the Barefoot Expression Version in the pipeline. This is in a really small 50mm x 50mm enclosure, and will feature an output, as well as the LDR sensor and the kill/revive toggle. It basically connects to any pedal that can take an expression pedal and works as an expression pedal. Imagine this controlling a WMD Geiger Counter, changing the sample rate in time with the strobe lights! Brutal!

Barefoot is a range that I’m probably not going to produce for sale, they are more just a mess around for me. The normal volume version is just to temperamental for sale, and the expression version is not entirely perfect as the full range of whatever parameter is controlling will be unobtainable in most circumstances as without having really strong lighting on the LDR the minimum setting will be hard to meet. I’m sure by searching out the perfect LDR this could be gotten pretty good, but as it is just a bit of fun for me primarily controlling the Geiger Counter I’m not too worried! By nature LDR’s are pretty unreliable, and by manufacture they have a notoriously low tolerances, so they are pretty unreliable anyway, which is one of the reasons I like them after all!

Barefoot (LDR Volume) Pedal

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Barefoot, FX
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Barefoot is an idea for a pedal I’m working on, which is a really, really simple concept, and is planned as just a bit of fun. It is a LDR (light dependant resistor) volume pedal, which by the characteristics of the LDR sensor will swell in and out. LDR is by no means a new idea on pedals, Devi Ever uses a LDR on her pedal the Eye Of God/Truly Beautiful Disaster to control feedback in the loop, and many other builders have incorporated them into pedals in some form or another. I remember seeing a schematic for a LDR volume control that had a pot, which controlled a LED, which shone on a LDR changing the output volume. I’m going to just have it in a small window controlling volume on this pedal, so when you cover the sensor the volume will decrease, and when light gets to it will swell back up. The swells are pretty subtle, it isn’t like a Boss Slow Gear or anything like that, but you can defiantly hear them. It isn’t really going to be an exceptionally useful pedal, but it should be fun all the same! In a live situation it could be interesting depending on the lighting, but at the end of the day it is what it is, which is, a bit of a laugh. Plus I had a LDR sensor, enclosure, paint etc all lying around…

I decided on the name Barefoot as it is probably something that will be easier to control in  bare feet (or at least socks!) than it would in whacking great Doc Marts. The artwork is tied into the name Barefoot as the character on the pedal (Kaede Smith) appears in the game Killer 7, where she is referred to throughout by one of the characters as Barefoot. I love the style of the artwork in the game, and Suda51’s philosophy on creating games, so this pedals artwork is in sorts a tribute to that.

Although the pedal has a 9v input it will run passively, the power is just for the LED.