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072’s finished

Posted: February 4, 2013 in 072, FX
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I’ve just finished a batch of 3 072 buffer pedals, check out the 072 page. They use a hard-wearing vinyl sticker decal which has come out really nicely. These are currently up on the ETSY shop, be sure to check them out!



I have a small batch of 3 072 buffer pedals in production. These will be in unfinished enclosures and feature a vinyl sticker with the following artwork:

New Decal

They will have blue LED’s and run from a standard negative center 9v supply (no battery). They will be always on, so won’t have a footswitch. Ideal for sitting at the beginning of a chain if you have an all true bypass board or long cable runs, would fit well on one of those all Mooer mini pedal filled boards that everyone seems to be going crazy for these days. They will be priced at £30 including free uk delivery, I’ll put them on the ETSY shop when done or you can contact me directly at if you want to pre-order one.

072 Buffer Circuit

Posted: May 10, 2012 in 072, Build Your Own, FX
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So, here’s the circuit I used to create the 072 with. It is pretty much as basic as you can get, especially as it is always on but it is very effective at its job.

D1 is for reverse polarity protection incase people use a positive center adaptor instead of negative center (or vice versa depending how you wire it). R1, R2 and C2 form the voltage divider which provides the reference voltage for the opamp. R1 and R2 don’t have to be 47k, they can be anything (I would stick between 10k and 100k though to ensure the divider is reasonably stable) as long as the values are equal. C1 helps prevent any noise while  C3 prevents and DC from the circuit leaking into the amp and R3 limits the current so the LED doesn’t burn out. You could get away with something like a 680r resistor for R3, but the I like the 2.2k because I have a load of them, and they are commonly used for this purpose! I would hook up pin 7 (the output for the second side of the opamp) of the TL072 to ground as it isn’t going to be used.

And that is really all there is too it. Fits nicely in the 1590A enclosures, providing your layout fits. On the only 072 I have built I had quite a big vero layout and it still fit, but I redesigned it after to be that bit smaller to allow slightly more room in the enclosure for everything else.


R1    47k

R2    47k

R3    2.2k

R4    1M

C1    100nF

C2    10uF

C3    10uF

D1    1N4001

D2    3mm LED

U1    TL072

And the all important circuit:

You can pretty much drop this into other builds, and if they require an opamp you will probably have a reference voltage you can tap into to get your Vr, which cuts out the whole voltage divider section. There are many, many mods you can do to this circuit, but this is meant as a simple low noise, low part count buffer in a small package.

Revision 04/02/2013: I have updated the circuit and added a vero:

Revised Circuit Vero

And then there was one…

Posted: April 2, 2012 in 072, FX
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Finishing off from the “Get out and fucking stay out” sale, I have but one pedal left – the 072 dedicated buffer.

If you want it you can buy it from my ETSY store, shipping to the USA is available at a small additional cost, as always shipping in the UK is free!

072 Finished!

Posted: February 15, 2012 in 072, FX
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Here’s the 072 buffer all boxed up and finished! I quite like the black and white look after all my forays into colour…


Kudos goes to the first person who notices the mistake on the fascia…

I’m going to be making a 072 op-amp based buffer pedal, pretty un exiting but my pedal board needs one. It’s a pretty simple buffer, 072’s are known for being quiet and they make great buffers. Probably be a one-off, but I’ll put them available to order on the ETSY shop at some point.

After a productive weekend fiddling with a bread board, LDR’s and different configurations I have decided the Solar Lifeforce is going to be super simple and very effective. I have done away with the master volume and buffer for good, and I guess surprisingly Bloom mode has gone. I did like it, but it was pretty useless with anything but a bright light shining on the pedal. The Wither mode that remains is really effective in normal lighting conditions and just feels much nicer to use. The CV option is still there, but what cutting all these semi-useful features has done is simplified a design making it much more affordable and much more useable. It may not look as cool, but at the end of the day it’s not really a tweakers pedal so hey! This pedal really comes into its own when you want really fast, sound changes, by putting your heel on the floor and rotating your foot back and forth over the LDR really fast you can get some amazing almost vibrato-y sounds that you really can’ get with any manual control I have ever played with from volume pot to volume pedal. This will work great with CV based stuff, and should be useful as an expression pedal (I haven’t tested this but I can’t see any reason it won’t work well). Anyway here’s the artwork, expect both in around 2 weeks.