Bomb Idea

Have you ever been playing with a pedal and noticed it starts sounding different as the battery is nearly dead, only to replace the battery and the pedal not sound quite as good? The main symptom of a dying battery (in regards to how a pedal sounds at least) is that the voltage starts to drop. Bomb Idea sits between a 9v power supply and your pedal and gives you direct control over the voltage being fed to your pedal, which is displayed on the LED screen. While looking incredibly cool the screen can also be used to recall correct voltage settings for your desired effect, just don’t forget to write them down!

The Bomb Idea can bring out the good, the bad and the downright ugly in a wide range of analog pedals, the key is experimentation! Some pedals won’t do much, others will do all sorts. Fuzzes and delays in particular can give great effects, just bear in mind things are going to get dirty, and probably pretty ugly so the timid need not apply. Please note that digital pedals will not work with the Bomb Idea.

Please note that if the FX pedal you are using the Bomb Idea with takes a battery you will need to remove it before using the Bomb DIea, otherwise the pedal will revert to battery power when the voltage is lowered, which means the Bomb Idea will have no effect!

Click here to download the manual

Tested pedals: (more coming soon)

Devi Ever – 90:  Zero sustain, splattery: 1.6v

EHX Metal Muff: Becomes velcro-y, almost fuzz like: 3.8v

Malekko – 616: Repeats become quiet and distorted, industrial sounding: 4v

Digitech Bad Monkey – Becomes really messy: < 4v

Note: The Bomb Idea is the new version of  “The Leech”


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