Notes on EQing the Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 36/18/5

Posted: May 1, 2013 in General
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It seems most of my posts recently have involved this amp,  and this one is no exception.

I had a hard time EQing this amp properly to start with, I always found it way too trebly especially when cranked up. I found the EQ didn’t really respond how I wanted it too and that there always seemed to be a lot of high-end on tap, and if you’re not careful the overwhelming presence can ruin your cranked clean sound. I found there to be a some kind of harsh ultra high pitched ‘treble strike’ on the initial pick attack that just drove me crazy when the amp was really, really loud – moderate levels no problem.

Anyway, I first heard of this technique somewhere online, and now I swear by it.

Treble: 10 o’clock

Middle: Max

Bass: Max

Both channels, back off the bass and mids a little if it is too much when really cranked up.

It really seems counterintuitive, but once you get your head around the fact that some of the knobs are maxed out and that the EQ looks like it is somewhere it shouldn’t be, and realise that it actually sounds like it probably should you may find the overall tone of the amp is somewhere nearer to what you would expect, with no annoying ear-piercing treble when cranked up. At bedroom levels I get away with everything at half way, but at band volumes I much prefer this.

Just a though for those who are struggling with it…

  1. Chuck says:

    As backwards as it seems, those tone settings get rid of that very high pitch treble sound that one would expect from a dimed presence control. I went looking for some way to adjust presence and I came across this post. Thanks for the tip!!!

    • 0xdfx says:

      I’ve been using an equal pedal in the loop lately to just boost the mids a but and roll off some treble, it works pretty well. I think you are right though, it’s more the presence that is too high rather than the treble.

  2. Jay Menon says:

    Thanks for that post – it’s made me decide to keep my Tubemeister 18, which I was on the verge of selling.

    It certainly does feel weird though – intuitively I tend to like amps that sound great with all the controls at the 12 o’clock position.

    Also your idea of putting a graphic / parametric in the loop is a good one. It is a very potent place in the signal chain to put a tone shaping device.

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