Scallywag op-amp clean booster finished

Posted: January 18, 2013 in FX, Scallywag
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So, here’s the finished Scallywag! It works pretty nicely, so far I’m treating it as one of those always on pedals, really sounds great clean, and it boosts the drive channel on my amp enough to not need an OD pedal. Because of the filtering (amongst other things) on the tube screamer type pedals (I’m using a Digitech Bad Monkey and a Way Huge Green Rhino) they have a slightly different vibe going on to the Scallywag. I’d say the Scallywag is crunchier, but has a little more output on tap than either of those 2 (mines set at around +24dB of gain).

If I get any interest in this I’ll do a small batch, hopefully looking to get some PCB’s made up if that turns out to be the case.

I’ll do a video soon, but for now here’s some photos…

P1030145 P1030150 P1030140


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