No Tomorrow Update 5

Posted: June 27, 2012 in FX, No Tomorrow
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Work on the No Tomorrow is going well. I’ve given it a bit of an overhaul. After looking at quite a few dirt box schematics the distortion circuit is actually unintentionally similar to a heavily modded MXR distortion +.  After looking at the MXR’s circuit I have changed how the gain is set to mimic that… seems much nicer how they have done it and easier to specify an accurate maximum as resistors come in much more frequent values opposed to pots. I have got rid of the lofomofo speaker control and added a boost control to restore any perceived decrease in signal after the lofi filter has done its work. The lofi setting is also footswitchable and features 2 degrees of lofi-ness, which I haven’t quite decided on yet. I’m also using the Jack Ormans big muff tone control again. I have one space left for control, could have either a noise circuit for additional lofi-ness, or a toggle to change the hard clipping diodes between say LED’s and 1N4148’s, or a toggle to change between hard and soft clipping to give the circuit a feel a bit more like an overdrive in soft mode… Who knows, I’ll board it up and give it a test and try and decide for good, hopefully get some videos up too. Here’s another graphics mock up to give you a better idea of controls

And here is a very low res version of the revised circuit. Again I don’t want to uploaded it as it is in an unfinished state and will just cause annoyance for anybody in the future looking to build it. Just to give you an idea though:


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