Support the Devi Ever Console II

Posted: June 14, 2012 in FX, No Tomorrow
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So this morning I had a brief conversation with Devi Ever over email regarding the Console 2 project. For those that don’t know about Devi or the Console check out the kickstarter here.

Basically the Console is an exciting new platform that is in effect a base unit that takes pedals in cartridge form. This is great as it allows many builders to produce pedals for far cheaper (no 3PDT’s, no input jacks, no 9v input or battery snap, no drilling, no painting etc) and it looks cool. I’d basically commented that when I finally get the No Tomorrow up and running I may do a cartridge version for the console, and Devi was keen to add me to the ever-growing developers list (some great names on there). As it is I’m not going to commit to producing a cartridge of the No Tomorrow – I  don’t even have it up and running yet, but when I do who knows…  The thing is, I haven’t even finalised the features of the pedal, yet alone the circuit, so it is hard to commit to squeezing it all within one of those cartridges. Plus, at the moment I’m finding it hard to dedicate much time to 0xd FX.

Best of luck to Devi with the Console, it looks cracking and there are some great developers on board. I have my personal reservations about it as a gigging tool, but for bedroom and studio use it is looking truly excellent!


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