Liquid Eclipse (Subdecay Liquid Sunshine clone)

Posted: June 11, 2012 in General
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Here’s a quick one-off, I built a Subdecay Liquid Sunshine for a friend based on that old Liquid Sunshine schematic that is floating around on the web. It has an internally switchable feedback loop and it sounds pretty nice (once you have biased the FETS well!). I’m not really an overdrive kind of guy, but for low gain stuff this is very nice. It’s a little way off of the LS that is on the shelves as apparently Brian Marshall made lots of tweaks and mods to this circuit before releasing the LS. So far I’m liking it with singles a bit better than hummers, and with the feedback loop engaged. It’s not the kind of thing you fiddle with, but if you did want to you could put a toggle switch as a control to take it in and out of the circuit. The circuit and vero layout is readily available on the net, I added in a resistor for the LED but that was about it. I must say I am a huge fan of the black powder coated enclosures (thanks to Doctor Tweek!), just be careful if you use a uni bit to drill the holes as mine slightly countersunk the LED mount hole which obviously removed the paint, forcing me to use a nut on the outside to cover up!


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