All sold up

Posted: May 10, 2012 in FX
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Well, that is officially it for a while – all 0xd FX pedals are sold, there is nothing in the shop and not much left here to show for it, other than a few one offs and prototypes! So a big thank you to everyone who now has an 0xd FX pedal on your board, I hope you enjoy them!

Next up is further prototyping of the No Tomorrow. This is becoming a strange pedal, and a lot is up in the air at the moment – single/dual gain stage, active/passive high and low pass  filters,  sample rate reduction/no sample rate reduction… the list is endless! Basically the nature of the pedal may change as I experiment and tweak, funny how anything creative tends to do that, transform in purpose and form as they are made…

Anyway further updates to come in June once I finally get a bit of time on the bread board (moving really does take an awful lot of time to get sorted, even after the big day doesn’t it!)

Also hopefully in June/July I will have the first batch of ‘army men’ Morse Device ready (supposed to be end of May but all my funding is going towards a new amp at the moment – thinking a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 36 head and cab to replace my now defunct Traynor YCV50 Blue…) so if you want to register your interest you can email me at and I will give you first dibs, £25 delivered as an introductory price.


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