No Tomorrow Update 2

Posted: April 3, 2012 in FX, No Tomorrow
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Work on the No Tomorrow distortion/sample rate reduction pedal is going well, with prototyping starting, er, tomorrow! I have a big box of caps, diodes, op amps, pots and resistors arriving today, and a couple of prototype boards planned out, so it is game on as far as prototyping is concerned!

I have a fairly long list of op amp/diode combinations planned for the gain stage to find something that not only sounds great as a distortion but responds well to being combined with not only the  sample rate reduction circuit, but also the voltage sag feature. It is defiantly a distortion more than a fuzz, but I want it to be able to touch on fuzz territory at lower voltages. The EHX Metal Muff sounds incredible when you reduce the voltage, and get’s pretty fuzzy and velcro-y which is exactly what I am after, but I really don’t want the distortion to sound like that. The tone control is going to take a bit of a tweak I expect and I’m unsure as to how much to limit the sample rate reduction. Certainly for me I like a slightly reduced sample rate which is easily tweakable, but some people might want to drop it right down, which then makes it slightly harder to tweak as the pot is in effect more sensitive. But I also love pedals that have a huge range and allow you to really experiment beyond where most manufacturers allow you. Maybe I should add a high/low toggle ala the Catalinbread Heliotrope, but then most people I have seen using that pedal (including me) don’t use the really low sample rates at all… it is basically going to be one big experiment!

One thing for sure is the voltage sag will be limited much more than that of the Bomb Idea. I am going to set the bottom limit to just within the useable range, probably around 3.5-4v, which really depends on the op amp/diode combination I plump for.

The intention I have for the No Tomorrow is to produce a pedal that can provide a, dare I say it, solid state sounding distortion (not tube territory here!) as a base and then lets you tweak and destroy it into clangy computer territory, which is really the sound I have had in my head for a long time now. I want it to be up to you how much you factor in the destruction, for me I want a subtle undertone of chaos, but I want the No Tomorrow to go further than that if you want it to. I’m not pretending or trying to produce a pedal that can replicate a Dual Rectifier in a box, or provide smooth tube amp distortion, but one that can provide you with that “shit the bed” feeling, which will sing your lead lines.


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