No Tomorrow Update 1

Posted: March 20, 2012 in FX, No Tomorrow
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Progress on the No Tomorrow is coming along really well. I have the circuit drawn up, and vero layouts for the distortion and sample rate reduction modules ready to be populated. Quite a few of the component values will probably change by the time I have finished tinkering with it, but at least progress is under way!

Here’s the circuit, it is very low res as a lot of it is still under scrutiny!

The next job is to try a whole heap of op amp and diode combinations to find the right colour distortion to suit the circuit, and also work out the minimum value for the voltage sag for the combination I decide on so that it stays within a  useable range.

The sample rate reduction side of the circuit is based on the “Analog Bit Crusher” by Colin Raffel at experimentalists anonymous, although I’m not sure how low I want the frequency to go yet. I’m not sure whether to keep the sample rate reduction fairly modest, or to allow a huge range, which will get next to unusable at the lower frequencies. The distortion is something I have cooked up from research and information on the net. I was quite surprised how little is required for a distortion circuit to be honest! The tone control is the improved big muff tone section by the legendary Jack Orman, which is something I may tweak once the distortion circuit is sorted.

Here’s the progress on the overlay for the pedal, no artwork as of yet, but that is on the way! I have changed the names of the controls back to what they really are, after all this pedal is going to be intimidating enough without you guys having to work out what each knob does!

I’m not sure on the colour scheme of the decal yet, a bit depends on the final artwork. When I start building them I’ll probably do an option for a powder coated enclosure with aluminium knobs, and a cheaper unpainted enclosure with plastic knobs for a bit cheaper. As soon as the circuit is finalised I’ll construct a prototype on vero, and then get to drawing the PCB. As these are going to have PCB’s and I won’t be  painting the enclosure myself the price should be pretty good on these, defiantly less than £100, and should have a lead time of around  a week rather than a month.


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