What’s on my board… now

Posted: March 8, 2012 in General
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Here’s a bit of a self indulgant post, but I love sharing my setup with people and talking pedals! I’m always switching the pedals in and out of my board, so here’s my current setup which is working really well for me:

Korg Pitchblack

Devi Ever 90

Railhead T.U.A

Bright Onion Pedals Custom Looper / Amp Channel and Boost Selector

    -Karma FX Pedals OCD Clone

    -ISP Decimator

WMD Geiger Counter with Zoom FP02 expression pedal

EHX Small Stone Nano

Malekko 616

Playing a PRS Custom 22 into a Traynor YCV50 Blue. This pretty much covers all my needs, but may look a bit strange. It probably looks weird that I’m using the decimator in the loop after the OCD clone, where it is not compatible with the 90 or the TUA (after all the looper switches the amp channel to dirty and there is no way you would want that TUA going into a dirty channel!), but it makes sense to me. I only ever use the 90 and the TUA in bedroom settings where the noise is so low that I don’t need the decimator, but I use the amps distortion boosted by the OCD clone at louder levels which is the only time I care about going from clean to dirty in one stomp (the looper brings in the OCD clone and decimator and switches to the amps dirty channel). The OCD clone produces a bit of noise when set up in a booster configuration but the amp is next to silent at the level I have the gain at, so I may as well have the decimator there. The amps FX loop doesn’t seem to like anything you put in there too much, so there’s little point running the decimator, small stone nano and 616 in it, as I seem to lose so much of that certain something from my clean tone. If I really want a killer solo sound with delay I use the T.U.A on modest settings – after all I’m not going for this sound when I’m cranked ever. The WMD sits perfectly after the looper so I can use it through the clean channel for some crazy dirt tones, or use it after the boost from the OCD clone and before my amps dirty channel where I can add in some really, really nice undertones without trashing my whole dirty tone. A lot of FX geeks would sneer at the placement of my delay and noise gate, but I’m past caring about that as this is a setup I’m finally happy with that suits all my needs down to the ground.

The WMD on modest clean settings into the dirty channel is something I really, really like. Ideally I want to capture this sound in some kind of sample rate reducing distortiony fuzz box over the next year. I want one box that provides a thick fuzz which has this really rich textured undertone you can get by applying a tiny bit of sample rate reduction without getting into obnoxious clanging territory. Hmm gonna be a few hours spent on the bread board for this one methinks…


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