Idea for a new pedal

Posted: January 31, 2012 in FX
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As well as finishing off the 3 new pedals I have been working on (072, Solar Lifeforce and Divide By Zero) I have started thinking about a new utility pedal that I think would be pretty cool. The idea is a pedal that takes the input signal from a source, and uses 2 (possibly 3) astable multivibrators with controllable frequencies to create 2 (possibly 3) waves which are then put through a selectable logic gate (and/or/xor), and then an optional inverter to create a singular waveform, which is then used to control a gate which allows the audio to pass. The optional inverter will double the logic possibilities, so in total there is 6, but when you factor in the variation in frequencies the possible patterns become mind-boggling.

Basically this is an automated killswitch. Also toying with the idea of adding an fx loop (with a feedback option?) but I think to start with I will probably keep it simple. Sometimes I get an idea for a pedal and I try to incorporate too much into it, and I want to avoid that with this one. There’s going to be a momentary footswitch  that will reset the astable multivibrators A and B to allow the pattern to be reset whenever it is released, and LED’s to indicate the frequency of both the astable multivibrators, and the combined (output) signal after the logic gate and inversion.

Here’s a diagram that should give you a better idea of what I mean:

So this would have the following controls:

  • Pattern A frequency coarse
  • Pattern A frequency fine
  • Pattern B frequency coarse
  • Pattern B frequency fine
  • Pattern A LED
  • Pattern B LED
  • Combined pattern LED
  • Pattern LED’s toggle (ON/OFF)
  • Gate 3 way toggle (AND/OR/XOR)
  • Invert toggle (ON/OFF)
  • Reset Pattern momentary footswitch
  • Bypass/engage footswitch
  • Engaged LED

This should fit in a Hammond 1590BB enclosure, so a bit bigger, but still acceptable for a pedal board, especially for a pedal with quite a few controls. The input will be buffered before the audio switch, and I imagine there will be a 9v battery option if there is room. No idea for a name for this one yet, but I’m quite excited to get on designing the circuit once I have finished off the aforementioned pedals.

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