Endless Cosmos > Divide By Zero (feedback loop pedal)

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Divide By Zero, FX
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Development on the Endless Cosmos has gone pretty quiet over the last few months, but I think I have finalised the circuit today, I’ll bread board it over the weekend and hopefully have this little bad boy up and running over the next few weeks! I have renamed it Divide By Zero from Endless Cosmos, which I think suits it pretty well. The skull graphic has come from a little bitmap to ASCII image converter I made about a year a go. I think it looks pretty neat. Paint for this one is black sides, black base and white top, with black knobs maybe a purple or blue LED, who knows! Going to use Malekko style knobs. The ‘Fusion’ (wet/dry mix) feature is going to range from 100% dry/0% wet, to 0% dry / 100% wet. Entropy is basically the amount of the signal being sent back from the return to send jacks, and is switchable by the Entropy On/Off toggle, allowing the pedal to be used as a true bypass looper with blend as well as a blendable feedback looper. This features buffered input, send and return and an op-amp based blend circuit.

The font is pretty hard to read I know, but I like the look of it, and to be honest how often do you ever read the text on your pedals?!


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