Yet another Solar Lifeforce update!

Posted: January 25, 2012 in FX, Solar Lifeforce
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Once again I’ve changed my mind on the specs for the Solar Lifeforce! After testing one of the 072 buffers and being quite surprised by the amount of high-end you gain back by having it in the circuit I have re-added it to the pedal! I have also gone with the boost feature, which essentially uses the other side of the 072 as a preamp to gain up to x5 gain. This should more than make up for any loss in volume experienced at low light conditions, when the LDR is exposed obviously. I’m going to build up the vero later, and I’m sure there will be minor adjustments, but I’m pretty sure it is 90% there. On this iteration of the artwork the ‘boost’, ‘volume’ or whatever it was before has been renamed ‘Core Temp’ to maintain the solar references.

One thing is for sure, when in ‘Vol’ mode, where this pedal is placed in the chain is going to be pretty important. For a lot of applications it is going to work better in the loop, but it may be nice before fuzzes to clean them up a bit with the ‘Solar Range’ reduced so the cut is not as large, and it will effectively control the intensity of the fuzz, just like rolling back your volume on your guitar.

Anyway, here’s the latest (and hopefully final!) revision of the artwork!


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