TL072 Buffer and Solar Lifeforce updates

Posted: January 23, 2012 in 072, FX, Solar Lifeforce
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I’m going to be making a 072 op-amp based buffer pedal, pretty un exiting but my pedal board needs one. It’s a pretty simple buffer, 072’s are known for being quiet and they make great buffers. Probably be a one-off, but I’ll put them available to order on the ETSY shop at some point.

After a productive weekend fiddling with a bread board, LDR’s and different configurations I have decided the Solar Lifeforce is going to be super simple and very effective. I have done away with the master volume and buffer for good, and I guess surprisingly Bloom mode has gone. I did like it, but it was pretty useless with anything but a bright light shining on the pedal. The Wither mode that remains is really effective in normal lighting conditions and just feels much nicer to use. The CV option is still there, but what cutting all these semi-useful features has done is simplified a design making it much more affordable and much more useable. It may not look as cool, but at the end of the day it’s not really a tweakers pedal so hey! This pedal really comes into its own when you want really fast, sound changes, by putting your heel on the floor and rotating your foot back and forth over the LDR really fast you can get some amazing almost vibrato-y sounds that you really can’ get with any manual control I have ever played with from volume pot to volume pedal. This will work great with CV based stuff, and should be useful as an expression pedal (I haven’t tested this but I can’t see any reason it won’t work well). Anyway here’s the artwork, expect both in around 2 weeks.

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