Solar Lifeforce (LDR Volume/Expression pedal)!

Posted: January 16, 2012 in FX, Solar Lifeforce
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Over the past week I have been experimenting and working on a circuit for a new pedal – the Solar Lifeforce. This takes both LDR modes from the Barefoot and adds the expression/CV functionality of the Barefoot EXP,  and controls for the sensitivity of both the ‘Revive’ and ‘Kill’ modes, which have been renamed ‘Bloom’ and ‘Wither’ respectively. The pedal also features a buffer, which can be turned off incase you want the pedal before a fuzz or just don’t want to use the buffer. When the buffer is on it will be always on, even if the pedal is bypassed, and obviously the buffer isn’t in the CV circuit. I’m debating if I should add an active volume control to compensate for any volume drop in different lighting conditions, so far I’ve plumped for no, but it may change. The sensitivity controls really add a lot of control over the LDR, the ‘Wither’ sensitivity adjusts the range of the drop when the LDR is covered, the ‘Bloom’ sensitivity adjusts the light level at which there is no volume, so you don’t have to shine a bright light on it. I’m pretty keen to get this up and running as I love playing with the Barefoot and Barefoot EXP, and I’d love to get a LDR volume/expression pedal available to you guys, as it adds some great playing dynamics. The LDR will also be different to the one seen on the Barefoot as it is going to be bezel mounted rather than mounted internally behind a 2mm perspex window. This will make the finish more durable, the pedal harder wearing and should also reduce the light reaching the LDR internally from the LED. As soon as funds in the 0xd FX pot increase (either by getting paid again or by shifting some of the Bomb Idea’s ready to go, or the Morse Devices in production) I’ll begin work on this bad boy!

The artwork is based on the ‘mushroom’ asteroids I drew for the Endless Cosmos, but as that pedal is probably never going to see the light of day in a for I’m happy with (bigger fish to fry right now), it seemed a shame to waste the graphics, so here they are, reused!

Oh yeah, and 5 Morse Devices are ready end of the week!


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