“The Leech” > Bomb Idea (Dying Battery Pedal)

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Bomb Idea, FX
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When I started researching and designing “The Leech” I had no intention of ever selling it, or producing more than one, so I didn’t really research the name. Now that things may be swinging that way I started poking around on the web, and I found 2 references to a sag pedal called Leech. The first, and least important, is this one, where someone is suggesting EHX make a sag pedal called “The Leech” (yes, even with the “”!), no biggy, but this one is much more pedal changing.

Bill at Griffin Effects has made this bad boy for 6 years, and look at it – it is fantastic! Great design, great price. He has even used a DC socket for the output, which was my original intention until I decided on the cable. The reason I didn’t go with the DC output socket on my pedal was because of the screen – I didn’t want someone plugging the input in there. I could have used a diode to prevent the screen from being damaged, but this would have caused a voltage drop so the output voltage would always be lower than the displayed voltage, which would be a crazy way of doing things!

Anyway, I spoke to Bill and he turned out to be a really cool guy, and to prevent confusion I am renaming “The Leech” to Bomb Idea. That means the artwork is all void and will have to be redone, and only the finished prototype will appear with it. However I actually think the Bomb Idea is going to look better as a pedal when it is finished. Within the next week all three prototypes, will be completed and there should be photos/videos up. The name Bomb Idea itself comes partly from the song “Bomb Idea” by the band Mad Capsule Markets, which is track 3 on the album Cistm Konfliqt…, but mainly from the look of the pedal.

I highly recommend checking out Griffin Effects, support an excellent builder making great pedals at an awesome price.


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