Volume War, “The Leech” and Morse Device update

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Bomb Idea, FX, Morse Device, Volume War
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I have been busy the last few evenings sanding, cleaning and priming the enclosures for this trio of bad boys, and also preparing the overlays. All is going well so far, just waiting on the colours to arrive now so that next week the pedals can all be coloured, decals applied, lacquered and then populated. Pretty exiting times! I also got in a few more bits from Doctor Tweek, check him out if your from the UK and looking to buy some pedal parts. His site is great for buying the gear for one-off pedal builds, and he has thought of a hell of a lot, from components to finishers and tools! So the plan is to hopefully have working finished versions of all three pedals within the next 10 days or so, that is if Skyward Sword doesn’ take up too much time!

Edit  – 17/11/11: Well the postman has been to work and I’m STILL waiting for the paints to arrive! As they are coming to my work address that means all prgress is off until next Wednesday, when I’m next in. This takes the record for slowest enclosure paint job in history!


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