Volume War (Solo Booster Pedal) Artwork III – Advance Wars

Posted: November 10, 2011 in FX, Volume War
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Here’s the finished artwork for the Volume War. I have modified the logo a bit, and made the background fully opaque. The reason I  had it semi transparent before is that when I print onto waterslip I have to use draft printer settings to avoid too much ink getting onto the paper and smudging, and this makes the colours look a bit translucent as more white of the paper gets through. I think this was the right overlay to go for, the others were a bit confusing/dull/irrelevant. I did love the Ikaruga overlays, but hell I may do an Ikargua themed ‘Bullet Hell’ pedal in the future… hopefully painting will start on the Leech and Morse Device tonight (providing the primer turns up)!

These were the final contenders, and some of them may surface at some point, who knows! It was great designing them, I love the hand drawn looking pedals but I also love using pre-existing images like these. The grahics are from (left to right) : Advance Wars (DS), Ikaruga (Gamecube version), Ikaruga (Gamecube version), Strikers 1945 (Arcade), Ikaruga (Gamecube version),  Ikaruga (Gamecube version), Ikaruga (Gamecube version), Dynablaster (Arcade) and Xenon 2 (Amiga).

  1. Pardon, but what’s Volume War?

    • 0xdfx says:

      The Volume War is an effect pedal I made for guitar that allows you to set a quieter volume level than your normal level so that when you turn the pedal on and off the guitar gets louder and quieter, which makes it stand out more for solos, and less for other parts.

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