“The Leech” (Dying Battery Pedal) Enclosed!

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Bomb Idea, FX
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Here is a quick snapshot of the Leech in its enclosure. It is going to be in pieces again tonight – as it was a prototype which I was using with a bread board (the power jack and output cables need to be soldered when in the enclosure for good) the wires were way to long, and the veroboard that houses the voltage regulator for the display was awkward to fit in. This also prevented the LED reaching the mount as it was mounted on the veroboard. When I say there is no space in this enclosure belive me – everything is literally shoehorned in. It’s pretty awkward, there is only a few mm between the 3pdt and the voltage pot.  I also have to take it apart to give it a paint job, so the next pics of it will be bright and shiny! But the main thing is – it works! And it works well. It fits in a diddy package and makes a huge sonic impact. I’m simply loving playing my Devi Ever 90 through it.

Things left to do:

  • Paint
  • Redesign veroboard for a better layout
  • Change to right-angled output jack and have a longer cable
  • Correct LED so that it can sit in the mount
  • Add heat sink to 7805 regulator
  • Hunt down soe kind of strain relief bushing for output cable

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos – the LED display is so bright that it makes it hard to photo when it’s on


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