Morse Device (Killswitch Pedal) update

Posted: November 4, 2011 in FX, Morse Device
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So, I got the Morse Device in a Hammond 1590A and so far it is behaving OK. It is actually really natural toggling modes, and the momentary switch works OK. Like all of these style footswitches there is a bit of a click when you press it, but I can’t see that being a problem. I’m going to paint the enclosure and get the decal on over the next week, which I’m hoping will look really cool.  I’m really happy with the layout in the 1590A to be honest, the space between the switches is good, and it all fells pretty solid. Hammond really do make great enclosures, the 1590A being my current favourite – I loathe pedals which are bigger than they need to be – check out the Leech if you want confirmation of this!

Heres the finished decal, ready for printing:

And heres a (pretty crappy) photo of the prototype:


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