Feedback Loop

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Divide By Zero, FX
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So, I have been interested in feedback loops for a while. Anyone who has seen a Devi Ever Eye of God/Truly Beautiful Disaster will know how excellent they can be, and can create some truly horrific drones and squeals. For those who don’t know a feedback loop is a device that takes an input signal, and keeps feeding it through an external device (often a guitar pedal) and then outputs the signal to what ever is next in your signal chain.  These are exactly the kind of device that can truly piss off your parents. Different pedals placed in the feedback loop can create vastly different effects some none at all. I think I am right in saying that it was Death By Audio who first put this concept into a pedal aimed at guitarists, but I may be wrong.

Anyway, I plan on starting work on a feedback pedal soon, that will be something of a monster. It is defiantly going to have a CV input so that the feedback can be controlled from any control voltage device (such as an expression pedal). It is going to be able to blend the dry (input signal) with the wet (feed backed signal) so that the intensity of the effect is directly controllable. It will have an input volume for the feedback loop, so that the initial volume of the signal hitting the pedal can be pushed or cut which will affect the overall intensity of the feedback. It is going to have a bendable output so that the amount of wet and dry signal can be set to taste. The CV will also be able to control the wet/dry blend.  It is going to have a toggle-able ‘excite’ mode that will do crazy things to the signal every time it is passed back into the looped pedal. It will feature dual outputs, so either a mixed mono output is available, or a split stereo output where the dry signal is sent to the L channel and the wet signal is sent to the R. It may also feature an onboard loop so that no external pedal is required, which at this point I imagine is going to be some kind of fuzz or gain  circuit, but this may change depending on results. The feedback will also be able to be disengaged allowing you to use the pedal as a blend-able looper.

Basically the plan is to create an ultra versatile feedback looper that can provide an undercurrent of evil that you have direct control over its prominence in your sound. Imagine subtle drones adding texture to your sound, to an all out all of sound, all controllable with an expression pedal. I’m planning on squeezing this in a Hammond 1590B (MXR sized) enclosure.  I’m going to need a shoe horn, but I don’t see why it isn’t possible at this stage with a bit of careful planning. At the most I will have to upscale to a WMD Geiger Counter sized enclosure, but not as big as say a EHX Metal Muff.

Either way this is going to be the daddy, and is going to expand on ideas already pioneered but not fully realised by several fx companies.


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