What is 0xd???

Posted: November 1, 2011 in General
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0xd is basically the hex representation for the decimal number 13, at least using the unix and C conventions.

Boring alert (feel free to skip!): Hexadecimal is a way of representing data, and is a base. All number systems have a base – decimal (0-9)  is base 10, binary (0,1) is base 2 and hex (0-f) is base 16. The base number determines how many figures are used to represent the data, therefore hex has 16 (0-9 and a-f). In computer terms a byte of information is 8 bits and can be used to represent a number between 0 and 255. In hex 0 would be 0x0, and 255 would be 0xFF. So to break down the name 0xD, the 0x just tells the person looking at the number that it is hex, and the d part is representative of the number 13.

I love the number 13 because it is so full of cliché, all springing from the fact that many consider it an unlucky number. Because so many consider it to be unlucky I (like many others) love to embrace it – hence it’s use here! 13 is found everywhere from Nick 13 to Effector 13! I also work as a programmer, and have always been interested in computers and programming (if this makes me a geek so be it, hell geeks rock – if you need proof of this look to Leonard off of The Big Bang Theory, he went out with Penny for Gods sake!)

As a guitarist I have always been very interested in guitar FX pedals, and anyone who has ever experienced GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) will understand you can never have enough FX, even if they can’t all fit on your board! This has led me to start experimenting with my own pedals and pedal ideas, and this blogs purpose is to track whatever I’m up to, for my records, for anyone who is interested and really just for a bit of fun!


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