Morse Device (Killswitch Pedal)

Posted: November 1, 2011 in FX, Morse Device
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The Morse Device is in essence a killswitch in a foot pedal. For those who haven’t encountered a killswitch before it is a simple device that cuts the signal between the guitar and the amp momentarily, allowing the guitarist to create a cool stuttering effect. Normally these are installed into the guitar body itself, but a lot of us don’t wanna drill a hole out of our lovely axe! This pedal has 2 switches – the first is the momentary switch that will kill the signal when pressed. The other switch acts as a toggle between the momentary switch killing the signal when it is pressed, to killing it when it is not pressed and restoring it when it is pressed. This is incredibly useful as it allows you to kill to perform your stuttering in a much more natural manner than a standard killswitch, i.e. when your foot is down you can hear the guitar and when it is up everything goes quiet! This also allows you to kill the signal when changing guitars, so the audience doesn’t get any hideous pops and crackles blasted at them. Made with Switchcraft jacks and Alpha switches this is a high quality pedal and won’t suck any tone whatsoever. Completely passive, no power required. This pedal will have a tiny footprint, so would fit snuggly somewhere on your board!

This pedal reminds me of those WW2 Morse code devices that the operators tapped to transmit confidential information, which is what has inspired the name and artwork of this pedal.

Things left to do:

  • Fit into enclosure
  • Paint enclosure – again like “The Leech” I have some really cool ideas for this.

Here’s the proposed artwork for the overlay:

And before anyone says it – I know the pseudo device I have drawn here wouldn’t work, it is just my take on an old machine for purely artistic purposes!


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