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Volume War Finished!

Posted: November 30, 2011 in FX, Volume War
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The Volume War is also finished (phew what a busy week!). Well I say finished, but I’m still lacquering the base, but that will be done tonight so I’m classing it as near as dammit! You can’t see from the pics that the LED is blue when it is on (rhythm) and red when off (solo).


Morse Device Finished!

Posted: November 30, 2011 in FX, Morse Device
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The Morse device is also now finished, here she is in all her orange glory:

“The Leech” is Finished!

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Bomb Idea, FX
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“The Leech” is finally finished! I am going to make a batch of 3 of these, £55 delivered in the UK. One of these is already gone. However the pedal you receive will be called “Bomb Idea” and have a whole new paint job. All functions will remain the same though.  Unfortunately there will be about a months wait for the pedal due to other commitments. If you want to order 1 of the remaining 2 of the first batch please check the ‘Order’ page.

When I started researching and designing “The Leech” I had no intention of ever selling it, or producing more than one, so I didn’t really research the name. Now that things may be swinging that way I started poking around on the web, and I found 2 references to a sag pedal called Leech. The first, and least important, is this one, where someone is suggesting EHX make a sag pedal called “The Leech” (yes, even with the “”!), no biggy, but this one is much more pedal changing.

Bill at Griffin Effects has made this bad boy for 6 years, and look at it – it is fantastic! Great design, great price. He has even used a DC socket for the output, which was my original intention until I decided on the cable. The reason I didn’t go with the DC output socket on my pedal was because of the screen – I didn’t want someone plugging the input in there. I could have used a diode to prevent the screen from being damaged, but this would have caused a voltage drop so the output voltage would always be lower than the displayed voltage, which would be a crazy way of doing things!

Anyway, I spoke to Bill and he turned out to be a really cool guy, and to prevent confusion I am renaming “The Leech” to Bomb Idea. That means the artwork is all void and will have to be redone, and only the finished prototype will appear with it. However I actually think the Bomb Idea is going to look better as a pedal when it is finished. Within the next week all three prototypes, will be completed and there should be photos/videos up. The name Bomb Idea itself comes partly from the song “Bomb Idea” by the band Mad Capsule Markets, which is track 3 on the album Cistm Konfliqt…, but mainly from the look of the pedal.

I highly recommend checking out Griffin Effects, support an excellent builder making great pedals at an awesome price.

I have been busy the last few evenings sanding, cleaning and priming the enclosures for this trio of bad boys, and also preparing the overlays. All is going well so far, just waiting on the colours to arrive now so that next week the pedals can all be coloured, decals applied, lacquered and then populated. Pretty exiting times! I also got in a few more bits from Doctor Tweek, check him out if your from the UK and looking to buy some pedal parts. His site is great for buying the gear for one-off pedal builds, and he has thought of a hell of a lot, from components to finishers and tools! So the plan is to hopefully have working finished versions of all three pedals within the next 10 days or so, that is if Skyward Sword doesn’ take up too much time!

Edit  – 17/11/11: Well the postman has been to work and I’m STILL waiting for the paints to arrive! As they are coming to my work address that means all prgress is off until next Wednesday, when I’m next in. This takes the record for slowest enclosure paint job in history!

Here’s the finished artwork for the Volume War. I have modified the logo a bit, and made the background fully opaque. The reason I  had it semi transparent before is that when I print onto waterslip I have to use draft printer settings to avoid too much ink getting onto the paper and smudging, and this makes the colours look a bit translucent as more white of the paper gets through. I think this was the right overlay to go for, the others were a bit confusing/dull/irrelevant. I did love the Ikaruga overlays, but hell I may do an Ikargua themed ‘Bullet Hell’ pedal in the future… hopefully painting will start on the Leech and Morse Device tonight (providing the primer turns up)!

These were the final contenders, and some of them may surface at some point, who knows! It was great designing them, I love the hand drawn looking pedals but I also love using pre-existing images like these. The grahics are from (left to right) : Advance Wars (DS), Ikaruga (Gamecube version), Ikaruga (Gamecube version), Strikers 1945 (Arcade), Ikaruga (Gamecube version),  Ikaruga (Gamecube version), Ikaruga (Gamecube version), Dynablaster (Arcade) and Xenon 2 (Amiga).